Every year we are informed to “commence buying” by the ‘Coca Cola trucks‘ and then bombarded by christmas adverts. This is so we can purchase gifts, and tell our loved ones that we care, in the annual Capitalism adrenaline shot known as ‘xmas’. The messages in these adverts are deeply ideological – although on the surface they appear to be pathetic tag lines.

For example:

“Who’s going to tell me when to stop? Which way to go? Who’s right? Or wrong? Who’s going to tell me what love is? Who’s going to judge me?… Me!” – Advertising Campaign for ‘Only the Brave’ Diesel

This fragrance pour homme is sold as the answer to the insecurities of the postmodern masculine subject.

It can be translated as:
Who’s going to tell me when to stop?
– Who’s going to define the boundaries of my identity? How can I experience freedom?
Which way to go?
– How will I achieve a stable life and in which direction can I find fulfillment?
Who’s right?
-Who do I listen to when everyone has conflicting advice?
Or wrong?
– Can I trust the people who give me advice? Can I trust the ruling ideas if they are those of the ruling class?
Who’s going to tell me what love is?
– Where is security? Where is the feeling of community and belonging?
Who’s going to judge me?
– Do I need to rely on ‘Others’ to find my identity?

Diesel’s answer to these questions? Let us define your identity! All you need is this fragrance! Create your masculinity by dispensing identity from the fist-shaped bottle. Buy our commodity and be rid of the troubles of consumer culture… feel something ‘real’…

“Gold is cold. Diamonds are dead. A limousine is a car. Don’t pretend. Feel what’s real. That’s it – J’adore.”
– Advertising Campaign for ‘J’Adore’ Dior

Want to truly feel something ‘real’?

Create a space outside of consumer society. Don’t search for answers in commodities. Dont let the adverts lure you in.



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