This is not an advocacy of Right Wing Populist Nationalism.

Neither is this an advocacy of the British National Party (BNP), it’s racism, or it’s throw back to a barbaric past.

This is an advocacy of a true multi-dimensional and representational democracy.

If the referendum goes ahead in May, the election could be decided using a ‘First-Past-The-Post‘ which would see the most representative (and therefore technically democratic) elected government that Britain has ever seen. However, it would also mean that many parties, including the British National Party (BNP), may gain seats in House of Commons.

Not allowing a party into the House of Commons despite winning an election would undermine the legitimacy of all the parties in government. Therefore it could no longer be called a Democracy. This was already put to the test by allowing Nick Griffin onQuestion Time. Unfortunately, the audience thought it was a pantomime and just booed him all the time rather than let him simply dig his party’s own grave by exposing their ridiculous ideals.

(At least the Question Time dry run proved that the BNP would not win a majority vote in Great Britain.)

Either you could join the bandwagon and blindly slate the BNP. Or you could let their supporters bring them to power and then let them be exposed for the farce that they are. There are benefits for allowing the BNP to power:

1) Other parties would have to move to a more left wing stance, or even just be pressured into solidifying their policies around key areas of debate. Rather than pass off their point of view as ‘pro-community’ or ‘anti-terrorist’, having such stark opposition could force a hot bed of democratic debate and therefore lead to a stronger outcome for all.

2) The nation would be forced to confront the xenophobic undercurrent of our character. Maybe it’s because we have remained sovereign since 1066, maybe its memories of a glorious colonial era, or maybe its because we are geographically simply an island, but this nation has always viewed foreigners with suspicion.

It’s time to move on and face the fact that what one nation does can affect all others and we must work as an international community to face the future. The nation-state is powerless against multi-national corporations. And climate issues, technological change, increased outsourcing, as well as population expansion, has made us increasingly dependent on each other globally.

Allowing the BNP into power would be a small price to pay for a large benefit in democracy. Refreshed debate, reduced spectacle and the multiplicity of views solidified into political groups. It may also encourage new, smaller parties to emerge (rather than the traditional, out-of-date, tripartite structure)

In a political climate that is no longer so simple as the ‘Aristocracy versus Workers’ model, we need more parties to represent the different interest groups and new social movements. Otherwise, their points of view will remain outside the sphere of power and will never be heard. Allowing the BNP to be put on a public stage and exposed is therefore a small price to pay for a vast democratic improvement in Britain.


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