Gender is a concept created by society. We are born as one of two sexes; but from thereon in gender is a choice: for example, if you are born “female” and identify yourself as a “woman” this identity is a performative choice not a predetermined characteristic. Society does have preconceptions of how someone born with certain genitalia should act; but it remains a choice whether to accept that prescribed identity or decide to perform one’s self differently.

Gender is not required for an accurate diagnosis of an illness. There are health differences between the sexes; but most doctors (and the NHS) would never say that your identity is relevant to your illness and yet the Health Centre at the University of York refuses to allow students the right to identity choice.

What does the Health Centre gain from disallowing this basic freedom? It seems that instead of following NHS policy they are instigating unnecessary offence and arguments. But in having said that, even the official NHS line – “even trans people get colds” – is not much better suggesting that trans people are somehow different in their gender performance than anyone else by making that very statement. Shouldn’t there be extra clauses: “even trans people… but also men, women, students, Eskimos…” or how about just: “even people get colds.”

There is no (or very little) formal discrimination in gender anymore; but prejudice is reinforced by the smallest of remarks, the tiniest of statements – the most throw away one-liners. Society is made up of these interactions that in turn reinforce divisions in society between the majority and the “other”.

The Health Centre’s archaic approach to gender is also an intrusion of privacy of individuals who want to be identified as a “woman” or a “man” (or simply a “person”) – not as “trans”. Refusal to change the prefix of a patient’s name in a letter means a denial of the right to identity choice and means that people could be “outed” without consent to housemates or university staff.

In continuing their policy, the Health Centre is maintaining discrimination because the culmination of such small things in society allows divisions to be sustained.

YUSU needs to support LGBT with all its resources: because even a small change to practice, like altering prefixes, can make a huge difference to the structure of society.

This Article Was Published in ‘Nouse’ (University of York) 21st June 2011

This Article is in Reference to the Story Published in ‘Nouse’ “Health Centre Failing It’s Trans Patients”


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