Myself speaking at a one day post-graduate conference:
Public Perceptions of the Social Sciences in a Contemporary Era of Unrest”
sponsored by the BSA at the University of York (16th April 2012)


4 thoughts on “The Incorporation of Anti-Capitalism Into The Music Industry

  1. Well done, Sam. I think we’re well past that moment in cultural studies when even the most insipid examples of pop culture were accorded the status of an inchoate form of “resistance.” With your permission I’d like to show this clip to my students.

      • I’m at San Francisco State University teaching a class on contemporary culture. The theme of the course is “crime and system” and essentially we’re using crime fiction (film and lit) to think about neoliberalism. My weak point is definitely music. I’ve been using some tracks from the 90s (Wu Tang Clan, Goodie Mob) which all relate to Fisher’s “capitalist realism,” though after viewing your clip I looked up Jesse J. “Price Tag” is a perfect example of the pop-utopian dream of authenticity and pleasure.

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