There was a lot of hatred for anti-royalists over the weekend. And this disdain was confirmed by Facebook statuses, such as:

“Oooh she wasn’t elected, she hasn’t earned her wealth” – fuck off anarchists, if she can rock a lemon skirt suit, then she can have a giant malteaser made of the working classes! Long live the queen!!”

“Welcome to the day that all the anti-royalists hate. well they hate most days really due to the fact that their parents don’t love them, they have no friends, everyone hates them….. and just because they’re hating on a little old lady. Lame. Big up queenie you’ve done pretty well sunshine, smash some sherry down you later! xxx”

“People can moan, but I do love our Royal family. English/British proud. : – )”

‘Pride’ is an interesting word to use, because usually you are ‘proud’ of something you have achieved. So may I just congratulate all the pro-royalists on their great achievement of being born in the Commonwealth.

Personally, I wouldn’t call myself a republican or an anarchist. But I do think there is something morally and ethically wrong in championing such wealth at a time when such hardship is being passed from the upper classes to the poor and is creating such intense inequality. Seems like we cant find tax money for education or health; but there was millions put aside for a parade. The jubilee is a celebration of inequality and a celebration of fascism, as well as “the biggest act of civil disobedience since the poll tax riots”. But it doesn’t seem that way, because she is portrayed as a harmless ‘little old lady’ and everyone the BBC coverage impartially (?) shows loves her: waving their plastic jack and munching a sausage roll in front of rows of red, white and blue plates and cutlery.

The jubilee was a celebration of inequality and a celebration of fascism, as well as “the biggest act of civil disobedience since the poll tax riots”

For me, it’s not so much that the monarchy is unfair – because that implies that there is somewhere a ‘fair’ to compare it to – but why do we not even question the fact that someone should be better off just because of the family they happened to be born in? Furthermore, why are people like myself denounced as party-poopers and ‘bah humbugs’ just for questioning it? Perhaps if we didask more questions, we might also start to ask what these ethics mean nationally (why should someone get a better education just because they can afford it?) and even internationally (why should someone in China work their fingers to the bone to make our Union Jack paraphernalia just because they live in China?)

Tragically, it seems that it took some investigative journalism to break the fetish of the jubilee. As it turns out, they bussed in 80 unemployed jobseekers to work for free in running the celebrations. In addition, after being threatened that if they did not work for free they would lose their benefits, these workers were then told that they had to sleep under London Bridge. Perhaps now that this story has come to light – and the jubilee is (finally) over – we anti-royalists can come out from hiding. And perhaps such a damning story can demonstrate the hidden (or perhaps disavowed?) inequality that lay underneath the lines of Battenberg all along.


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