An Introduction to EsJayBe

I am a doctoral researcher in Sociology at the University of Warwick.

This blog is a collection of articles that I have written and which, to quote Marx, I am leaving “to the gnawing criticism of the mice…”

This is an open invitation to anyone (if there is anyone) who is truly interested in the topics that I write on and wishes to contribute to debates in an engaged manner. This blog was set up as a personal reaction to the shallow debates which happen on other social media.

Please read with an open mind and please meet me with criticism. But I ask kindly that you do not utilize the anonymity and distance that the internet provides to be overly offensive or disengaged.

[Please feel free to use the comments tool below articles to respond and I will try to reply at the first opportunity]

My Perspective

I attempt to take a counter-intuitive view in my writing.

“The reader should not simply have learned something new: the point is, rather, to make him or her aware of another – disturbing – side of something he or she knew all the time” – Slavoj Zizek

I welcome alternative points of view and challenges to my ideas.

Other Websites

Academia.edu profile: http://Warwick.academia.edu/SamuelBurgum

Nouse (University of York student paper) page: http://www.nouse.co.uk/author/sam-burgum/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SJBurgum


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